Event Details

Event date:

25th December 2022 (Sunday) to 27th September 2022 (Tuesday)


Event Venue:

City Games Expo 2022 -  Hall 5, AsiaWorld-Expo


Event Category and Time Table:




Enrollment Deadline :

23rd December 2022 17:59 (First come first served)




HKD$750 for one category ; HKD$1,350 for two categories ; HKD$2,025 for three categories 

*Each participant can enroll four categories in maximum


HKD$2,000 for each application



Each enrollment included participant and an adult for entrance (Participant can apply for coach entry ticket)
* Participant can purchase an additional admission tickets for SportsExpo 2022 at a special price of HK$20
* Free admission for participants aged 12 or below, aged 60 or above or holder of the "Registration Card for Persons with Disabilities", participants can redeem admission tickets at the on-site ticket office.


Competition System

The competition starts with the poule, and direct elimination come afterwards.

Individual Events

  • Bout of poule ends when one of the fencers has scored 5 points or three minutes of effective time have passed. All direct elimination matches end when one of the fencers has scored 10 points or when the two periods of three minutes of effective time have passed in the last period.  One-minute rest between two periods will be given in each direct elimination match.
  • For U13 or above- All direct elimination matches end when one of the fencers has scored 15 points or three minutes of effective time have passed in the last period. One-minute rest between each period will be given in each direct elimination match. In each bout of all poules and direct elimination before table of 16, the effective time will not be stopped even the referee call “halt”. From table of 8, the effective time of each match will be stopped after the referee call “halt”.

Team Events

Due to the updated competition schedule, the arrangement of all direct elimination matches of team events (Open) will change slightly.

  • After poules, the seedings will be based on the poule result. The teams of seed 1 to 8 will promote to the quarter final of cup competition; And the teams of seed 9 and after will promote to the quarter final of plate competition. There is NO T16 direct elimination matches for all teams.
  • PS: If there is more than 1 team(s) placed at seed 8, DT will determine the places based on the no. of win/lose. If DT cannot determine the places, we will draw the order randomly.
  • Each team consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 fencers. The ratio of male and female fencers is not limited in each team.
  • The primary school group accepts fencers of aged 9-12, and the senior group accepts fencers of aged 13 and above
  • The primary school group team competition will only be conducted in the cup competition.
  • If the number of teams participating in the event is 8 or less, the direct elimination will only be conducted in the cup competition
  • Each match consists of 45 scores (Total 9 relays in each match. 5 scores and 3 minutes for each relay). The team who got 45 scores wins the match.
  • If the genders of fencers in a relay are different, the female fencer will be scored two points automatically at the beginning of the relay (For senior group only).


Other Remarks


  • The elimination rate of all individual events will be approximately 20%. Team events will not eliminate participants.
  • Rules and regulations of FIE will be the main reference of the competition
  • For a sport trauma/injury or cramp or other acute medical incident which occurs in the course, and which is properly attested by the first aider on duty, the referee will allow a break for treatment lasting no longer than 5 minutes. This break should be strictly reserved for the requisite treatment. During the remainder of the same day, a fencer cannot be allowed a further break unless as a result of a different injury or cramp or acute medical incident of body part.
  • If coaches accompanying is required, participants should apply for coach admission tickets when registered in the competition. All registered coaches should get coach wristband at the registration counter.
  • Individual events: If less than 4 participate, the event will be mixed with the other gender and/or age group of the same weapon. The final ranking will be awarded separately. If the number of fencers of both male and female in the same event is less than 4, such event will be canceled.
  • Team Events: If the number of team is less than 3, such event will be cancelled.
  • Each event group of the competition will only cover three consecutive years (based on the year of birth). Participants must select the corresponding group according with the year of birth
  • No appeal will be accepted. All final judgments will subject to the chief referee’s decision.


Competition equipment

All fencers must prepare their own full set of fencing equipment and backup equipment. If fencer is using any equipment that does not conform the specifications in the competition, the referee(s) will eliminate the unjustified equipment by the regulations. The competition will only accept equipment approved by the Hong Kong Fencing Association. For details, please visit the website of the Hong Kong Fencing Association at http://www.hkfa.org.hk/TC/equipment.html?mID=16 for the list of relevant equipment and announcements. Fencer(s) must present their fencing uniform (jacket, under plastron and breeches) and mask to weapon control counter for checking, staffs will stamp on the approved items. If there is any objection will be subject to the final decision made by the chief referee. The basic requirements of equipment are as follows.

  • Fencing Uniform: including jackets, under plastron and breeches with no damage, and required to conform with the least penetration standard EN13567:2002, i.e., with 350N of penetration resistance.
  • Mask and mask wires: Fencer must have mask for weapon of group participated, which must be undamaged and in good condition. There must be two independent safety systems on the mask which will not fall and can effectively protect the head and face.  They must also conform with the least penetration standard EN13567:2002, i.e., with 350N of penetration resistance.  If fencers use Leon Paul masks (without metallic tongue version), a dedicated neck strap must also be used.  The mask wire for foil and saber cannot be coiled wires. Please prepare at least two mask wires which function well and ready for replacement in case of damage.
  • Chest protector: All fencers who participate the U14 or below and all female fencers in Senior team events must using chest protector. For female foil fencers of Senior team event: The entire outside of the chest protector (the side facing the opponent) must be covered with a soft material which approved by FIE (With FIE logo).
  • Electric jacket: Foil and Sabre fencers must prepare suitable electric jacket. Left-handed fencers must use electric jacket for left-handed fencer, and vice versa.  The jacket must be undamaged and good conductivity. The jacket must fulfil the specified requirement in different weapons of covering the specified valid surface.
  • Glove: Glove must be worn on the hand holding weapon. Sabre fencers must wear Sabre glove or sleeves (with electric conductive clothing)
  • Shoes: Fencing shoes are recommended. Otherwise only non-marking sports shoes are acceptable.
  • Socks: Socks should be long enough to cover knee. No black socks are allowed.
  • Electric weapon: Please prepare at least two pieces of electric weapon which function well and ready for replacement in case of malfunction. Furthermore, only #0 weapon will be used for U6-9 group. For U10 group or above of individual events and all groups of team events, fencers can choose #0-#5 weapon.
  • Body wire: Please prepare at least two body wires which function well and ready for replacement in case of malfunction.
  • Hair: All fencers with long hair must be fastened and placed inside the clothing and/or mask in such a way as to ensure it does not cover a valid surface (and thus prevent a hit from being scored). Otherwise, yellow card of warning will be given.
  • **For plastic foil events: Organizer will provide plastic weapon for competition. Fencers need to prepare mask, glove and chest protector.


Other remarks:

  • Participants are required to report and bring their masks, jacket, under plastron and breeches for checking at the weapon control counter during the report time.
  • Those who late for report will be disqualified from the competition and the registration fee will not be refunded.
  • Fencers can participate in more than one age-group competition. If the competition time overlaps with other events, fencers must decide which competition they will participate, and the organizer will not make special arrangements and refunds.
  • Fencers must follow by the rules and arrangements set by the organizer
  • The actual schedule is subject to the on-site announcement
  • All fencers must check and reconfirm the scores carefully for the results and information on the score sheet after poule and/or direct elimination, and sign on the score sheet if there is no error. If you have any questions about the information on the score sheet, please immediately check with the referee who in charging of that match. All information on the score sheet cannot be changed after confirmed by the fencer with signature, even if the results are incorrect.
  • Except the fencers, referees, staffs of the competition and other people who are allowed to enter by the chief referee No one is allowed to enter the competition area. Registered coaches with coaches' admission wristband can enter the competition area during the one-minute break of direct elimination.  The referees reserve the right to give individual offenders a yellow card of warning or a black card to dismiss the offenders without giving any form of warning in advance.
  • Team name can be in Chinese (Limited 10 characters) or English (Limited 30 Alphabets)
  • Each unit/club/school can send more than one team to participate. However, names of every team must be different. If the unit/club/school send more than one team to participate, only one of the teams can use the name of unit/club/school which is representing.
  • The name cannot contain foul language, obscene or indecent words. If the team’s name is inappropriate, the organizer reserves the right to request the team to change of its name.



  • Each category will have their respective Champion, 1st-runner up and double 2nd-runner up and ranking of 5-8.
  • If less than 4 fencers participate, the group will be mixed with the other gender and/or age group of the same weapon. The final ranking will be awarded separately